Your Car Battery is dead? You would try to revive it after Reading This!

Your Car Battery is dead? You would try to revive it after Reading This!


Hey guys, it’s an article about the reviving of dead batteries. A lot of people thinks when batteries are dead those are of no use. But the fact is a battery can be revived after it gets fully consumed. Firstly, people should accept this fact and act likewise. Most of us have cars these days, but a few of us knows how to get a dead battery back to life.

Now we will discuss the steps to revive a battery, more specifically battery reconditioning of a dead car battery. The other day we can see how it’s going to worth our effort. This will inspire others to contribute to nature a bit too.

Lead Acid Battery is generally used in cars. So we can learn the skill how to recondition a hybrid battery.

bring it back to use from dead.


Car Batteries Reconditioning- Follow the steps:

Ø  The starting would be really easy, you must take out the dead battery from the car and check its voltage. When its fully charged it should be around 12 or 12.6 volts. You must consider this up to 11.8 volts at least when doesn’t reach as much as this point there is very tiny chance to revive it.

Ø  Then you must prepare a mixture of magnesium sulfate with heated up distilled water, the water must not cross 65 to 75-degree centigrade. 1/4th of a kilogram of MgSO4 will work just fine. Then stir the mixture for a few seconds well.

Ø  As there are two types of covers of these batteries in two different way you must pour out the consumed electrolyte. One is sealed capped and the other one is flooded cell. Drill through the cap and remove the capo respectively for those types of batteries.

Ø  Next get the mixed chemical, the new electrolyte inside the blank battery cell.

Ø  And then seal it back or set a new cap for those 2 variants of batteries.

Ø  Make sure that you put the electrolyte properly inside the cell, make sure no air bubble or inaccurate distribution is done.

Ø  Finally, you can test run the battery, charge this for overnight. Next day disconnecting the battery from charging port first let it get cooled down then use it, it should work as a whole new device.


Reviews and Tips:

These car batteries are known as Lead Acid batteries and usually, these have 12 volts efficiency. One battery consists Lead through the outer surface as they are electrodes and inside the cell, there is poured electrolyte that is Acid. There are two of kinds of these batteries, one is Flooded Cell and the other one is Sealed Cell.

                             The first one which is called Flooded Cell is older than the other. It has a battery cap, under which there is an old technique to maintain a level of distilled water. The user can run it as long as 5-6 years if they maintain it properly. Another side the Sealed Cell battery is a recent generation object, it can last for long 2 years without servicing for a single time. The difference is it cannot be maintained after that.

v  The main stuff is if you spend some bucks to get a good capacitor the gear will last for a long while. This saves a lot of your money as you don’t have to buy new ones.

v  Mainly the thought of most of the people play the vital role here, there are many who don’t want to recycle some process that saves the nature. In the upcoming days, it will not depend on the humans to decide whether to recycle and live or not.

v  Which is better one could choose among the good fortune or a crisis of unknown skill? Most of us are going to choose a good fortune over complex problems.

Finally, people can experience for once the reconditioning, and then we will see the worth. Whatever the type is, both of these batteries can be revived to reuse you can read more. Most importantly never get confused about the two facts, one is recharging and the other one is battery reconditioning. Battery reconditioning will give its life back while a recharge will only make it run for another regulated hour regarding its capacity.